January 25, 2018

These Fugitives had active warrants in Shelby County Tennessee as of January 25, 2018.
Robert Agnew, DOB: 12/07/1962 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery and Convicted Felon in Possession of Handgun
Last Known Address: 3226 Old Horn Lake in Memphis, TN 38109
Warrant #18001206

Carl Hunter, DOB: 08/16/1993 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault, Criminal Attempt Second Degree Murder and Employ Firearm W/I to Commit Felony
Last Known Address: 637 Pendleton in Memphis, TN 38114
Warrant #18001196

Mark Dye, DOB: 11/04/1974
Wanted for Theft of Property $1000 – $10000 and Aggravated Burglary
Last Known Address: 1641 Sailors in Memphis, TN 38108
Warrant #18001157

Bobby White, DOB: 10/13/1979 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Kidnapping and Domestic Assault – Bodily Harm
Last Known Address: 1637 Old Mill Stream in Memphis, TN 38016
Warrant #18001130

Shawn Watson, DOB: 03/18/1973 ARRESTED
Wanted for Theft of Property $1000 – $10000 and Aggravated Burglary
Last Known Address: 9557 Chi Chi in Lakeland, TN 38002
Warrant #18001397

Herman Fullilove, DOB: 04/18/1978 ARRESTED
Wanted for Convicted Felon in Possession of Handgun and Aggravated Robbery
Last Known Address: 3522 Mediterranean in Memphis, TN 38118
Warrant #18001208

Mario McGirt, DOB: 09/24/1985 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault, Coercion of Witness, Violate of Bail Conditions – DV (2 counts), Assault and Domestic Assault – Bodily Harm
Last Known Address: 590 E Frank in Memphis, TN 38106
Warrant #18001410 and 18001289

Marcus Bell, DOB: 05/15/1982 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault (2 counts), Domestic Assault – Threat Bodily Harm (2 counts) and Violation of Probation
Last Known Address: 3592 Longbow in Memphis, TN 38116
Warrant #18001216, 17028239 and 18001217

Jermire Scott, DOB: 01/02/1997 ARRESTED
Wanted for Vandalism $1000 or Less and Aggravated Assault
Last Known Address: 3173 James in Memphis, TN 38116
Warrant #18001229

Christopher Ingram, DOB: 06/09/1993 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault
Last Known Address: 3910 Weaver in Memphis, TN 38109
Warrant #18001222