March 16, 2018

These fugitives had active warrants in Shelby County, Tennessee as of March 16, 2018.

Alfreddie Warr, DOB: 07/08/1982
Wanted for Kidnapping (2 counts), Aggravated Assault (2counts) and Robbery
Last Known Address: 2329 Staten in Memphis, TN 38108
Warrant #18005400 and 18005394

Spencer Earnest, DOB: 11/20/1993
Wanted for Criminal Attempt Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Burglary
Last Known Address: 5942 Hickory Hill Square in Memphis, TN 38115
Warrant #18005209

Latroy Walters, DOB: 03/01/1990
Wanted for Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Theft of Property $1000 or Less and Violate of Bail Conditions – DV
Last Known Address: 3906 Brady in Memphis, TN 38128
Warrant #18004880

 ***IN CUSTODY AS OF 3/13/2018***
Melvin Crutchfield, DOB: 11/29/1957
Wanted for Aggravated Assault
Last Known Address: 563 Grace Manor Cove in Memphis, TN 38107
Warrant #18005399

Marcus Smith, DOB: 08/25/1982
Wanted for Aggravated Assault
Last Known Address: 6908 Fox Den in Memphis, TN 38141
Warrant #18004739

Danny McGowan, DOB: 03/20/1976
Wanted for Theft of Property Less Than $500, Aggravated Assault – Reckless, Aggravated Criminal – Trespass Hab/Hos/Sch, Possession Burglary Tools and Criminal Attempt Theft of Property $1000 – $2500
Last Known Address: At Large
Warrant #18004242 and 18004790

Thuyhanh Vongchampa, DOB: 02/27/1976
Wanted for Fail to Appear in a Felony Case, Identity Theft and Theft of Property $10000 – $60000
Last Known Address: 2757 Marlene in Memphis, TN
Warrant #18004308

Rene Perez, DOB: 07/25/1988 ARRESTED
Wanted for Theft of Property $1000 or Less and Aggravated Burglary
Last Known Address: 4690 Summerlane Avenue in Memphis, TN 38118
Warrant #18005197

Jimmie Redmond, DOB: 12/29/1990
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery
Last Known Address: 185 Racine in Memphis, TN 38111
Warrant #18005414

Jahlil McKissack, DOB: 05/01/1993
Wanted for Carjacking and Employ Firearm W/I to Commit Felony
Last Known Address: 3544 Arnold in Memphis, TN 38118
Warrant #18004857