August 22, 2019

These fugitives had active warrants in Shelby County, Tennessee as of August 22, 2019.

Donovan Ferell, DOB: 07/21/1988 ARRESTED
Wanted for Vandalism $1000 – $2500, Aggravated Assault, Domestic Assault – Bodily Harm and Reckless Endangerment
Last Known Address: 3364 Brookcrest Cove in Memphis, TN 38128
Warrant #19015023

Torie Clark, DOB: 01/08/1991
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery
Last Known Address: 8206 Polk Lane Cove in Olive Branch, MS 38654
Warrant #19014969

Cedric Jackson, DOB: 10/10/1972 ARRESTED
Wanted for Soliciting Sexual Exploit of Minor, Sexual Battery and Soliciting Sexual Exploit of a Minor
Last Known Address: 2735 Coral Drive in Memphis, TN 38127
Warrant #19015077

Johnathan White, DOB: 07/17/1988 ARRESTED
Wanted for Assault – Threat Bodily Harm, Fail to Appear in a Felony Case, Identity Theft and Theft of Property $1000 – $2500
Last Known Address: 710 Parr in Memphis, TN 38127
Warrant #19014441

Bobbie Greer, DOB: 09/19/1985 ARRESTED
Wanted for Theft of Property $1000 – $2500, Assault – Threat Bodily Harm and Identity Theft
Last Known Address: 475 Cardinal in Memphis, TN 38107
Warrant #19014440

Traci Rish, DOB: 10/04/1990
Wanted for Forgery, False Offense Report and Identity Theft
Last Known Address: 6008 Macon Cove in Memphis, TN 38134
Warrant #19014361

Cameron Arnold, DOB: 09/04/1998 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery and Carjacking
Last Known Address: 4886 Chesterwood in Memphis, TN 38118
Warrant #19014549

Eric Caston, DOB: 07/03/1987 ARRESTED
Wanted for Criminal Attempt – Robbery and Robbery
Last Known Address: 7043 Woodlake Drive in Memphis, TN 38119
Warrant #19015009

Bettye Jones, DOB: 03/16/1988 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault
Last Known Address: 425 West Pebbles Road in Memphis, TN 38109
Warrant #19015094

Rodney Benson, DOB: 03/03/1987 ARRESTED
Wanted for Domestic Assault – Bodily Harm and Aggravated Kidnapping
Last Known Address: 521 Delta in Memphis, TN 38109
Warrant #19014666