January 10, 2020

These fugitives had active warrants in Shelby County, Tennessee as of January 10, 2020.

Jarvis Warren, DOB: 05/25/1995 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery, Carjacking and Extortion
Last Known Address: 3890 Birchshade Cove in Memphis, TN 38115
Warrant #19022557

Martavious Curtis, DOB: 02/05/1998 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Violation of Probation, Possession of Controlled Substance Marijuana (2 counts), Unlawful Possession Weapon (2 counts) and Possession Marijuana W/I Man/Del/Sell
Last Known Address: 3352 Creighton, Memphis, TN 38118
Warrant #19022561, 19019642, 19020752 and 19021043

Gregory Brown, DOB: 10/22/1999 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Arson
Last Known Address: 3430 Benbow Apt #8 in Memphis, TN 38116
Warrant #20000001

Bernard Gray, DOB: 03/12/1997 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery
Last Known Address: 4846 Walden Glen Street in Memphis, TN 38128
Warrant #20000103

Dequan Johnson, DOB: 12/23/1994 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault and Reckless Endangerment W/Deadly Weapon
Last Known Address: 1014 Craigwood Drive in Memphis, TN 38116
Warrant #20000137

James Woodall, DOB: 02/06/1975 ARRESTED
Wanted for Sexual Battery
Last Known Address: 4211 Pine Hollow Apt #2 in Memphis, TN 38116
Warrant #20000163

Corey Gamble, DOB: 01/18/1988
Wanted for Domestic Assault –Bodily Harm (2 counts), Aggravated Assault and Violation Bail Conditions – DV (2counts)
Last Known Address: 1020 North Highland in Memphis, TN
Warrant #19022222, 19021065 and 19021519

Joseph Johnson, DOB: 09/05/1977 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Stalking and Violate Bail Conditions – DV
Last Known Address: 4138 Wilmette Avenue in Memphis, TN 38108
Warrant #20000264

Jennifer Hopper, DOB: 08/03/1985 ARRESTED
Wanted for Burglary – Building, Aggravated Burglary and Domestic Assault – Bodily Harm
Last Known Address: 1405 Russwood Road in Memphis, TN 38108
Warrant #19022391 and 19022350