October 1, 2021

These fugitives had active warrants in Shelby County, Tennessee as of September 30, 2021.

Eric Biggs, DOB: 06/26/1969
Wanted for Possession Firearm/Commission of Felony and First Degree Murder
Last Known Address: 1973 Laramie Street in Memphis, TN 38106
Warrant #21014326

Michael Smith, DOB: 09/23/1985
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery
Last Known Address: 3223 Star Valley Cove in Memphis, TN 38134
Warrant #21014239

Chrishun Brown, DOB: 05/18/1995 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Robbery
Last Known Address: 530 Betty Bayou in Memphis, TN 38104
Warrant #21014408

Ervin Terrell, DOB: 03/10/1981
Wanted for Rape of a Child
Last Known Address: 7940 Regatta Drive Apt #204 in Memphis, TN 38016
Warrant #21013895

Chebony Caraway, DOB: 01/29/1994 ARRESTED
Wanted for Child Abuse/Neg U/8 YRS W/Injury
Last Known Address: 2830 Green Terrace Drive in Memphis, TN 38127
Warrant #21014339

Stephanie Williams, DOB: 06/05/1981
Wanted for Consp-Att First Degree Murder, Criminal Attempt First Degree Murder and Employ Firearm W/I to Commit Felony
Last Known Address: 2146 Erie Avenue in Memphis, TN 38114
Warrant #21013515

Martenio King, DOB: 09/24/1996
Wanted for Burglary Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Attempt Second Degree Murder and Intent Evade Arrest Auto Risk/Death
Last Known Address: 5209 Yellowwood Road in Bartlett, TN 38134
Warrant #21014348

Deric Whitehorn, DOB: 06/23/1995
Wanted for Reckless Endangerment – Deadly Weapon, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Rape and Employ Firearm W/I to Commit Felony
Last Known Address: 2893 Danville Cove in Memphis, TN 38118
Warrant #21014317

Orion Jones, DOB: 09/23/2001 ARRESTED
Wanted for Aggravated Rape
Last Known Address: 877 N Royal Street in Jackson, TN 38301
Warrant #21014052

Lawrenzo Farmer, DOB: 06/05/2001
Wanted for Aggravated Assault and Reckless Endangerment W/Deadly Weapon
Last Known Address: 37 Illa Ct Apt #4 in Memphis, TN 38109
Warrant #21014341